Meet Revolution Growth’s Newest Partner: Fazeela Abdul Rashid

Following three years of record performance, Revolution Growth is thrilled to welcome Fazeela Abdul Rashid to our growing team.

Joining us as a Partner, Fazeela formerly served as Managing Director of Consumer and Americas at Temasek International, a global investment firm headquartered in Singapore. At Temasek, Fazeela was instrumental in building the firm’s direct U.S. healthcare investments, starting the European practice, leading the U.S. consumer practice, and launching and overseeing diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. Some of the iconic companies she’s worked with include Duolingo, Noom, Harry’s, Impossible Foods, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Califia Farms, and Perfect Day, to name just a few. Fazeela’s experience as an investor and trusted advisor to tech-enabled businesses makes her an invaluable addition to the team, strengthening our approach of providing hands-on company portfolio support.

Beyond her 20 years of finance and investing experience, Fazeela has traveled the world and is actively engaged in the UN Women’s initiative. We asked her a few questions about her impressive background:

What led you to Revolution?

The people and the firm’s approach to investing. Revolution has a unique, collaborative culture where I knew I would fit in well. The fund’s value drivers of Place, Positioning, Partnerships and Policy create a mindset to challenge the norm, and deliberately seek investment opportunities in underrepresented parts of the country without compromising on outcomes or returns.

How has working on international teams shaped your investment lens?

It has made me realize that at the core of investing is understanding and connecting with people — a global throughline. On the flip side, it takes appreciation of different cultural dynamics, personalities, and ways of working to bring together the best minds and build a successful, enduring company at scale.

Tell us about your experience as a UN Women Metro New York Chapter board member.

UN Women’s primary mission is to strive for gender equality by delivering programs, policies, and standards that uphold women’s rights globally. Despite my privilege, I still face stereotypes that I have to debunk about a woman’s place in society. Many other women and girls are not given a voice or opportunity to chart their path — something I see firsthand with my family and community and in my travels around the world. The advocacy and fundraising that we do within the chapter are just a small part of furthering this important cause.

What industries are you excited for the next generation of founders to disrupt?

There is still much to do in health and wellness to shift the paradigm from curative healthcare to holistic and preventive care. That includes how we eat and take care of our bodies — all with a more personalized approach.

I’m also excited to see the sustainable innovations entrepreneurs develop in material science and technologies in a world that needs to meet customer expectations with more environmentally-friendly options.

As an experienced traveler, what’s something you never forget to pack?

My sneakers and swimsuit. The best way to explore a new place is to walk or run to take in the local culture. I also love water, so anywhere there is a pool or a beach, and the weather is warm enough, I’ll go for a swim. It makes even a work trip feel like a vacation.

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